How To Download YouTube Videos

1. Enter Your YouTube Video Link
2. Hit Download Button
3. Manually rename file to whatever.flv
4. Use FLV Player To Play Your YouTube Videos on Windows
NOTE: Credits and Thanks

Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) - Hey Jude, Download it here!

In the middle of 2002 it was the first time i ever heard this this remixed songs when i watch MTV. Since that time i was searching for this singer who has beautifully remixed this songs and until this evening i finnally made it. Yeah i found it! It's Hey Jude by Stefanie Sun which originally from The Beatless. Stefany Sun (孙燕姿) is a Singaporean singer-songwriter. You can also watch one of my favourite songs here below and you can even download it here!

The word "...and enytime you feel the pain... don't carry the world upon your shoulder..." on this song remain me to feel relax enytime i fell bad...:)

Winamp Can Play FLV File Now!

FLV file is a video streaming file (mpg, avi, wmv, etc) that usually play on web streaming e.g: YouTube. This file can be identified by just looking on the extention that followed by the main subjet of the file, the extention itself is called as FLV. This FLV file can only be played on several viedo streaming, but now winamp can support to play this file.

Yes..., now you can play your favorite flv file that you can grabbed from YouTube on your Winamp! But not all winamp version can paly this file, only winamp with the latest version can play this file. You can download the latest winamp version on the following address below

Enjoy your video!

How to Make Money Online with YouTube - Earn Money with Adsense YouTube Video Unit

You can earn money by viewing or embed YouTube video to your website. Enhance your site with high quality, relevant video content from select YouTube partners, and earn extra revenue along the way. Make your website more attractive with video unit embedded to your web and earn money as well.

This program is affiliated with Google Adsense so you should have Google Adsense first, then you can display selected video to embed to your web. You can also costumize the YoueTube Video player with color and layout to fit your website. To learn more about this program you can click this link below:

How To Embed YouTube Video Bar on Blog or Web Page

You can embed YouTube video bar right on your blog or web page just like this example below. This YouTube Video Bar widget can be generated on this page With this widget you can manage you video bar as horizontal slide on vertical slide as your desire need, then you can choose your expression to show on your bar (like film, sport, anime, etc). After finished configuring your widget you should generate the code and put this code on your blog or web page.

How To Download MP3 from YouTube

You can search and download your favorite music from YouTube website then convert that song to MP3 file. So you can play that song right on your MP3 player as well.

Step 1 : Search your favorite music on YouTube
Step 2 : Download that music using FreeYouTube Downloader on this site
Step 3 : Save and rename your music on FLV file (musicname.flv)
Step 4 : Convert your FLV music file to MP3 using MP3 converter
Step 5 : Enjoy your music for free :)